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Chanel no, por favor: English version

Tecnique: Crochet
Level: Intermediate- expert. The stitches are easy but the duration of work and variety of pieces requires some patience .
  • 5 balls of three ply cotton in white.
  • Hook: number 10 in Spain. Choose the hook that allows a correct gauge.
  • 1 ball of each: DMC 8 (thread) in red, pinkish red, 2 different gree grass, yellowish green, black.
  • Hook number 11 ( Spain)
  • A little bit of cotton or wool for filling buds.
  • Needle for seww each strand.
  • Lining and closures.
BODY BAG: Granny squares

Make with the white cotton 19 squares like this ( see picture in Spanish explanations)
Stitches used:
chain :ch,  single crochet,s.c, slip stitch s.s., popcorn stitch.

Square pattern:
Make 19 grannies like these with the White yarn.
Stitches used:
Chain, single crochet, slip stitch and popcorn.
Popcorn stich: To have the popcorn puff out on the front of the work: Work 7 sc in the same stitch, drop loop from hook, insert hook from front to back in the top of the first sc of group ,pull dropped loop through stitch.
All rows are finished by a slip stich.
 Start in magic loop.Make 4 chains , 6 single crochet, 2 chains, 7 single crochget, 2 chains, 7 single crochet, 2 chains, 7 single crochet, slip  stich.
 The stitches are crocheted in the back loop.
3 ch, 1 sc, [ 3 sc, 1 popcorn, 3 sc; 2 sc, 2 ch, 2 sc,- in the corner-] rep [] X 3; 3 sc, 1 popcorn, 3 sc; 2 sc, 2 ch, slip stitch.
3 ch, 1 sc [ 3 sc, 1 popcorn, 3 sc, 1 popcorn, 3 sc; 2 sc, 2 ch, 2 sc] rep [] x33 sc, 1 popcorn, 3 sc, 1 popcorn, 3 sc ,2 sc, 2 ch, slip stitch.

4r:3 ch, 1 sc , 5 sc, 1 popcorn, 6 sc; 2 sc, 2 ch, 2 sc; [ 6 sc, 1 popcorn, 6 sc; 2 sc, 2 ch, 2 sc ] rep[]x2; 6 sc, 1 popcorn, 6 sc; 2 sc, 2 ch.Slip stitch.

 Single crochet: Crochet in the corner 2 sc, 2 ch, 2 sc. The stitches increased in the middle will be 15, 19,23,27 sc, so you increase 4 stitches in each quarter part – 16 in total.
Note : It doesn’t start in the corner.
3 ch,   (1 popcorn, 2 sc ) X6; 5 sc,[ 2 ch, 2 sc, 7 sc, (1 popcorn, 2 sc ) X7; 7 sc] rep[]x3; 2 sc, 2 ch, 2 sc, 7 sc, 1 popcorn. Slip stitch.

4 ch,  (1 sc , 1 ch)x 8, 1 popcorn, 5 sc, 2 sc, 2 ch; [ 2 sc, 7 sc, 1 popcorn, (1 sc , 1 ch)x 10, 1 sc, 1 popcorn, 7 sc, 2 sc, 2 ch] rep [] x3; 2 sc, 7 sc, 1 popcorn, 1 sc, slip switch in the thrith ch.
11r-15 r:
It’s the same that row 10 but increasing more in the middle: 1 sc, 1 ch .

Close leaving thread for sewing.

Sew all 19 squares in the way of picture. Fold for the marked line, finishing to obtain the final shape ( see pictures in spanihs explanation)


Make a chain of 30 stitches and crochet in round, with a single crochet stitch until obtain 45 cm. Close leaving thread for sew. Make an other like this .
Pay atention: These handles strech a little because are crocheted in cotton. If you prefer you can put lining inside.

Sew the handles inside the body bag.


There are two types of flowers, two type of buds, leaves, seeds cap and stems.

Flower A: FA 2 flowers:
elements: petals A(5) corolla,black staments, yellow stamens.
Thread you need: black, red, yellow green.

Flower b: Fb 2 flowers:
elements: petals b(4) corolla,black staments.
Thread you need: black, red pinkish, green.

Bud A: CA 2 :
elements: corolla green, red bud..
Thread you need: , red pinkish, light green.
Bud B: CB 3:
elements: green bud, red bud.
Thread you need: , red pinkish, darker green. Cotton or wool for padding- filling-.
Seed Caps : CS 2 :
elements: cap.
Thread you need: Yellow green, black. Cotton or wool for padding- filling-
Leaves: H2
elements :leaf
You need green thread.

Stems : T3 or 4
three green are required.

Crochet these elements separately.

FA: Petals
Make five .

Make a magid loop , crochet 4 single crochet. Tur the work.
2r: 4 ch., 1 d.c, 1 ch., 1 d.c.
, 1 ch, 1 dc, 1 ch., 1 d.c.. Turn the work.3r: 3 ch., un d.c. , 2 d.c in the same stich, 1 d.c. , 2 d.c in the same stich , 1 d.c. , 2 d.c in the same stich.Total 11 stitche more the first: 12. Turn the work.
4r: 4 ch.Crochet two d.c. in each stitch of the previous row: total 24 stitches.Turn the work.
5r: 22 single crochets ,1 ch. Turn the work.
6v: 22 single crochets ,1 ch.
Continue with 15 slip stitches rebordering the side of petal until the base of first row. Make again other petal until obtain 5. Close with a slip stitch leaving thread for sewing.Close the magic loop. Don't cut the thread, it is for join the other pieces.

FA estamens green yellow.
1r: make a magic loop,crochet 6 chains, Repeat 15 times: ( 1 d.c, 1 ch.) . Close with a slip stitch.
2rMake in the chain betwen double crochet stitches 15 times: 5 ch., 1 single crochet in the next chain of previous row,. Close with a slip stitch.
Sew in the center of flower.

FA black estamens
1r. Crochet 11 chains. Turn the work.
2v. Crochet in each chain 6 chains, then crochet 3 single crochets in the third chain of sis , close this in the four chain of sis . Finish adding 2 chains more and crochet in the first chain of 11. This makes a estamen. Continue in the rest of 1o chain doing the same. You'll obtain 11 stamens.Leave thread to sew.
Roll this work and sew loosely in the center of flower, over greeen yellow stamens.

FA: Corolla1r: Make sis ch. Close in round
2r: Repeat 3 times: (2 single crochet in a chain), finisih with a slip stitch.
3r: Repeat 5 times:( 2 single crochet in a chain) slip sitich.
4, 5,6 rows crochet 15 single crochet.
7R: In each stich crochet tre chains ( picot) Close with a slip stitch. Leave thread.
Seww the corolla under flower ( see pictures of bag).

FB 2

Petals are like FA, Make 4.
Black estamens: Make only 9 chain in the first row.
Corolla is the same of flower A.


Corolla and bud
1v: Crochet 30 chains..
2v: 2 s.c, 3 d.c, 5 triple crochet, 3 d.c, 3 s.c, 3 d.c, 5 triple crochet, 1 s.c; Continue the same chain of first row in the other side making the same. Close.
Fold in the middle and join with a slip stitch . When you arrive near to close the bud fill the bud with cotton or filling fiber and finish . Leave thread to sew.

Corolla: Make the corolla, Put the bud into corolla and sew.


In light green make a bud on 32 chains. Make 7 triple crochet, not five.

In yellow green. Work in round.
1r:Crochet 8 chains.
2r: Make 2 single crochet in each chain. Total 16 stitches.
3r: Repeat 8 times: ( Make 2 single crochet in a chain, 1 s.c.. Total 24 stitches.
4, 5 y 6 rows: Make thes 24 s.c.
7r:Repeat 8 times: ( 1 single c., 2single crochet together ( decrease)) 16 stitches.
8and 9r: Make 16 s.c.
10r: 2 s. c. together 8 times ( decrease). Total 8 stitches.
11r: 8 s.c : Fill inside with a fill fiber.
12 r: Repeat 4 times: 2 s.c. together , cuatro veces. 4 stitches.
12 v: 2 s.c together, 2 times. Close.

With black thread sew cap marks. See picture.

H 2
Crochet 18chains .
1 r: Make 37 s.c. around this chain ( in round)
2r: Repeat 2 times ( 2 s.c., 2 d.c, 3 triple c., 4 " cuadruple crochet" - take thread 4 times in this stitch-, 3 triple c., 2 d.c, 2 s.c, 1 s.s).

3V. In each stitch make 2 s.c. Close . Leave thread .
T 3

There are 2 types of stems:
Stem straight: Make a chain as long as desired. Crochet with slip stitches. Leave 30 cm of thread to be sewed.

Stem with little stems:

Make a chain with 20 stitches, continue with 12 more ( little stem), turn this 12 with slip stitches; then continue with 15 chains more. Crochet the 20 more these 15 with slip stitches. Leave 35 cm to sew.

Assembly flowers
You can do it your own way, searching for harmony you want. You can see the picture. Seww allowing its volume.

After finising the assembly take measures the internal shape of the bag. Cut a suitable material leaving 1 cm for the seam. Make a pocket if desired.
The bag have two extensions. For the smallest you could sew some closures inside bag.

I hope you understand my words. English is'nt my language. If you have any question leave a message in the last post. Thanks.

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  1. ola wapa,que tal esta?buff no entiendo nada,pero eso si te digo,estas preciosa un besito con cariño ana

  2. If only I would know, how to crochet... I would certainly make this one...

  3. Gorgeous bag! Saw it on Ravelry last summer before you did the English translation and was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to make it. Thank you for taking the effort to bring it to those of us who don't speak Spanish! It is appreciated! Sheila

  4. Great design! Thank you for taking the extra effort to translate it. YOur english is fine.

  5. Hi Rosalia,
    Thank you for posting your pretty bag in English. I found it on Ravelry. Great bag and instructions.
    PS You are doing way better with English than I do with Spanish so never apologize about that!


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